31 Oct 2018

A milestone reached on Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm

Project Manager Peter Kyhl:

"When walking out on to the helipad at Aberdeen airport, together with 10 of my colleagues who were preparing to fly out to Pacific Orca which was situated offshore at the Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm site, I was thinking about our completion of the 21st turbine installation on Beatrice. A milestone had been reached, we were 25% into the project, 21 out of 84 in total.

Reaching this milestone was only possible because of the good work done by the people sitting next to me. Among the 10 people squeezed into the confined space of the helicopter, was the Captain of Pacific Orca who was returning to his vessel for a 4-week long shift; I was proud to be part of his crew even if it was only for a single week.

My week onboard passed at an incredibly fast pace, and when I was relaxing in the helicopter lounge preparing for my return to Aberdeen, the Captain showed up again, thanked everyone and wished them a well-earned break.

That was on the 26th of September. Since then, Pacific Orca has also passed the 33% mark, and as of today, 31 October 2018, we have installed 31 turbines and completed 37% of the project.

I thank our crew members for their dedication, excellent work and constant focus on safety. It was great to witness the joint effort between Swire Blue Ocean (SBO) crew members and the crew of our client, Siemens Gamesa. Members of each corporation demonstrated a high level of collaboration, without which, projects on the scale of Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm could not be successful, and the teamwork they demonstrated should be an aspiration for all involved in the offshore wind industry."


Picture above: Pacific Orca installing turbine on the Beatrice project. Photo by Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd (BOWL)

Peter Kyhl, Project Manager at Swire Blue Ocean

Peter Kyhl, Project Manager. Peter has a decade long experience in the offshore industry and has been with Swire Blue Ocean since April 2018.




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