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Decommissioning now also of the Gas Booster Platform B11

This weekend Pacific Osprey performed the first of a series of heavy lifts as part of the decommissioning work on the Gas Booster Platform B11, placed in the North Sea south of the Ekofisk complex. The platform with a total weight of approx. 8200mT will be decommissioned in 15 main parts with heaviest lift of 1015 tons and transported to shore by Pacific Osprey in three trips between the offshore site and the AF Environmental Base in Vats, Norway.

The attached picture shows the roof section with a weight of 220 tons which was lifted with Pacific Osprey’s 1200t main crane onto the vessel’s deck and sea fastened for safe transport.

New key contract signed with Bilfinger for the Sandbank project

Swire Blue Ocean A/S is pleased to announce that it has signed a key contract with engineering and services group Bilfinger for the provision of an installation vessel to support the installation of 72 foundations on the Sandbank Offshore Windpark.

Sandbank is a joint partnership between Vattenfall and the city of Munich’s public utility company. Seventy-two foundations will be installed in the seabed in waters that are up to 34 meters deep. Sandbank is located 90 kilometers west of Island of Sylt in the German North Sea.

Installation activity is scheduled to commence in 2015.

New key contract signed with EPCI contractor Van Oord

Swire Blue Ocean A/S is pleased to announce that it has signed a key contract with EPCI contractor, Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects bv and will provide a wind farm installation vessel on the installation of the 150 foundations and wind turbine generators on the Gemini Offshore Wind Farm.

The 600MW Gemini Offshore Wind Farm will be one of the largest wind farms in the world in terms of size and production and will comprise a total of 150 wind turbine generators. When completed, it will provide power to approximately 785,000 households.

The Gemini Offshore Wind Farm will be built in the Dutch part of the North Sea, 85 km north of the coast of Groningen. Installation activity is scheduled to commence in 2015.

Pacific Osprey setting efficiency records with WTG installation on the DanTysk wind farm

Pacific Osprey has safely and efficiently completed the installation of 80 Siemens 3.6 MW wind turbines and did throughout the campaign set a couple of World records carrying ten total WTG in one single load.

The fact that the vessel can carry such huge load contributed to the high speed installation.

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